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Illustrated - Integrated Electronic Catalogs and Manuals

Broad Viewer - Web Version 2.1 and Broad Publisher 2.1.

Broad Viewer - Web Veresion and Broad Publisher are an illustrated parts catalog system. It allows users to manage and view parts catalogs, safety notices; maintenance, service and operator manuals. It integrates readily with procurement systems. Supports viewing most file types including list, image, PDF, HTML, XML, 3D graphics, Flash, video, etc. Interface capabilities for many of your mobile devices.

Broad Viewer - Web Version

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Broad Publisher

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The Right Document at the Right Time    

Welcome to Broad Viewer – Web Version

Thank you for using Broad Viewer - Web Version. The Broad Viewer fulfills your Illustrated and Integrated Electronic Catalog system needs. Manage and view part catalogs, safety notices; maintenance, service and operator manuals. Easy integration with procurement systems and supports viewing most file types including 3D graphics and video. You only need Internet Explorer 7+ and an Internet connection to use Broad Viewer – Web Version. Take the following three easy steps to use it. 1. Sign up on the website 2. Log in 3. View the books Please contact us at support@broadsolutionsgroup.com or your system administrator for the website address and more details.

Support Contact Information

We want your experience with Broad Viewer to be enjoyable. We encourage you to reach out to our support team anytime you have a question or comment. We are here to help. You will find our support contact information on each page of this User’s Guide …use it often! Phone support hours: Monday – Friday 6am PST to 5 pm PST or by appointment Phone Number: 1.425.985.8082 Email support: support@broadsolutionsgroup.com Your account representative is also your advocate and they love to get phone calls and emails from our clients…so always feel free to reach out to them as well.

Sign Up

You will need to sign up with the Broad Viewer Web Version before you can use it. There are two ways to sign up. 1. Your system administrator can sign you up. Please contact your system administrator for this option. 2. You can sign up by yourself. Go to the home page, click the "Sign up" button and the "Sign up" page will show up. Click on the "Sign up" button: You will see the "Sign up" page as follows: Fill in the fields on the form, click the "Sign up" button and you will be signed up. You need the Company Key for the company that you are going to view the books. If you don't have the company key, please contact your system administrator to get one. After you sign up, your system administrator will be notified and will approve you. After that you can use the system.

Sign in

After you sign up and get approved, you will be able to sign in. Go to the home page, input your User ID and Password, click the "Sign in" button, and you will sign into the system.

Forget your Password

For security purposes we don't provide automatic lost password retrieving functionality. Please contact the system administrator for help if you lost your password.

View a Book

1. Open a book through the Master Library Table of Contents (TOC) page. A book includes parts and documents information of a machine or a component of a machine. After you sign in, you will be able to see the "Master Library Table of Contents (TOC)" page that contains images for each of the books available to you. Clicking on an image will open the corresponding book.

2. Go to a specific part of a book through the Graphical Index Page After you open a book, you will be able to see the "Graphical Index Page" if the book has one. The page is usually an image of the machine. Clicking on different sections of the image will navigate to the page corresponding to the section clicked. In the following screenshot, if you click on the wheels or number 2, the Wheel Assembly page will open.

3. A quick look at the page structure A page has three main sections: Table of Contents, Image, and List Table of Contents section contains all the pages in the opened book, in a tree structure. You can easily navigate to different pages by clicking the page node on the tree structure. For example, if you click the Cab node on the above example you can go to the Cab page. Image Section contains all the images for the page. You can zoom in and see details of a part on the image. An image may have hotspots in it corresponding to the callouts. Selecting a hotspot will highlight the corresponding item in the list in the right hand side. Also, selecting a list item in the right hand side will highlight the corresponding hotspot/callout in the image. List Section contains all the part items for the page. If there is a photo for the part, a green camera icon will be displayed on the line to identify it. Also if there is a video or a 3D file for the part, a green video icon or a 3D icon will be shown there to identify it. By clicking on the green icons you will be able to view the photo, video, and the 3D file related to the part.

4. Find a part in the list After you open a page, for example, the Wheel Assembly page, you can see the list items on the right part of the page. Here you can find the part you want in the list, for example, "40037702 CAP.. Plug". Use the “Select box” on the left end of the line to select the item into the shopping cart. To see the shopping cart, click on the “Cart” link on the right upper hand side of the screen. Clicking a part in the list will highlight the part item with light blue color. The corresponding hotspot in the image will be highlighted too. In the above example, if you click on the item 4 in the list, the line 4 will be highlighted. Meanwhile, the hotspot 4 in the image will be highlighted with red color. You can zoom in the image of the part and double check to make sure the part number 4 is the part you are looking for. Zooming – There are three ways that you can zoom in the image. Firstly, you can user mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out the image. Secondly, you can zoom in the image by single left click on the image. Thirdly, you can select a specific area using your mouse to zoom in the area. After you select the parts into the shopping cart, you can checkout, export the cart to XML, HTML, Excel (*.csv) files, email the shopping cart, or create/print/email a purchase order.

Search for a Part

You can search for a part in the books available to you. Hover your mouse on the “Search” link at the left upper side of the screen and click on the Parts. The searchable fields include: 1. Part Number 2. Part Description 3. Part Number and Description 4. Page Title 5. Page Code 6. Page Number 7. Alternative 8. All User-Defined Fields The above example is a Single Book Search by which you search for a part in the currently opened book. You can also do a multi-book search. Multi-book search allows you to search for a part in multiple books across multiple publishers. It is an easy way to find all information for a part within your whole parts database.

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