Projects - Application Development

Following are highlights of recent projects.

Broad Solutions deploys Broad Viewer (BV) / Broad Publisher (BP) at one of the largest Mining Equipment Manufacturers.  Read how our solution integrates with their ERP system.
  • The system is used to optimize use of current parts information to create their manuals thereby reducing errors and maximizing reuse of existing manuals.
  • Easy installation.  Took just minutes to download and install the software.
  • Integrated with their ERP system.  We developed a custom program that reads the Bill of Materials data from their ERP system; inserts the data to the Broad Viewer books and loads the books into the Broad Viewer book library.
  • Exporting the Shopping Cart data to XML file functionality improves accuracy and consistency when creating service manuals based on the parts catalog.
  • Looking up service manual sections by part numbers supports "chunking" the service manuals and improves reusability of service manuals by 85%.

Broad Solutions helps large Rail Transportation Corp deploy an ERP-Integrated Automatic Parts Requisition System.
  • The system is used to automate the creation of parts requisitions.
  • Requisition data is entered into the application.
  • The system recognizes the files and creates the requisitions in the ERP system.  This has reduced their requisition creation time by 98%.
  • Confirmation emails are generated by the system to notify designated individuals that the requisition was successfully created.
  • The system is up 24x7. Availability is very close to 100%.

Large Mining OEM installs Auto Loader Book Installation.
  • The system is used to automatically install the OEM's books into their customers' computer.
  • Includes an operating system version compatibility check of Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Includes a pre-installation check of the license version of the OEM's book viewing system that the customer is currently using.
  • Includes the installation of Publisher license keys.

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