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BroadEx For Publishers - Driver Excellent Monetization
Creating Quality Programmatic Advertising Markets That Drive Superior Monetization for Publishers & App Developers.
BroadEx Ad Exchange
The most flexible programmatic ad marketplace, built for supply partners. The BroadEx Ad Exchange provides publishers and app developers complete control over their entire advertising platform with superior customer support and dedicated Return On Investnemts (ROI) Analytics.
BroadEx Pub Optimizer
Our machine learning powered big data mining, classification, and creation of data models provide advertisers in penetrating brands, dynamic bid, precise targeting, and maximizing advertising Return On Investment (ROI).
BroadEx Mobile
BroadEx Mobile provides huge amount of premium app publishers access to the budgets. The BroadEx Mobile Ad Exchange generates massive bids per month and is consistently ranked high in Quality for Mobile app.
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BroadEx For Advertisers
Programmatic advertising markets that maximize Return On Investments (ROI) for Brands & Marketers.
BroadEx Ad Exchange
The highest quality programmatic ad marketplace. BroadEx For Advertisers provides flexible access to our demand partners by direct publisher relationships and innovative buying models.
BroadEx Mobile
Optimized for all types of mobile devices, built for brands and marketers for today’s diverse set of buying decisions and higher user expectations.
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